Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge

The Travel Issue: Destination Homes From Bhutan to the Beach
Perfect Perches: High-Design Hiking Cabins in the Italian Alps


Editor’s Letter: Far From Home
Editor’s Letter: Far From Home
From hard-to-reach hiking cabins in the Italian Alps to a warm family home in Bhutan, the miles covered in our travel issue share surprisingly similar footing with the places we...
By William Hanley - a month ago
How Airstream Became an American Icon
Tracing the unconventional route of the all-aluminum trailer that’s an emblem of road trips and 20th-century style.
A Trip Around the World in Five Pots
Seek out these ceramics traditions in your summer travels—or consider their contemporary alternatives, instead.
Slices in This Compact Cabin in Northern France Frame the Coast Like a Camera
Its enclosed garden provides outdoor space out of the wind while the cuts give it a strong connection with the setting.
In the Shenandoah Valley, a Mountain Home Channels the Spirit of the Aegean
Architecture firm Schaum/Shieh designed a white home with walls that play with light and shadow for a retired professor and a playwright.
A Jumble of Metal Boxes on Stilts Makes for a Surprising Home at Every Turn
The aluminum-clad residence rises like a tree house, forming a circuitous stepped floor plan with a hole in the middle.
A Quarantine Hideaway Turns Into an Artist’s Dream Home
When the pandemic hit, Chris Saunders moved to a tiny home in Portugal and made it his own.
The Italian Huts Where Mountaineering Was Born
Inside a new generation of hiking cabins in the Val d’Aosta lies the past, present, and future of mankind’s relationship with Earth’s highest heights.
Three Homes in the Canary Islands Pay Homage to a Local Legend
On Lanzarote, German architect Alexander Bernjus uses vibrant color and volcanic rock to build on the legacy of artist and designer César Manrique.
The Remote 14th-Century Bhutanese Fortress Steeped in Buddhist Heritage
Photographer Matt Dutile travels to the hills of central Bhutan to explore sacred sites like Ogyen Choling, a carefully preserved ancestral home with a renovated guesthouse and...
The Best Hotel in America Is Inside the Memphis Pyramid
A continued object of social media fixation that contains a Bass Pro Shops in a man-made swamp, The Pyramid’s long history of secrets doesn’t stop there.
Artist Gab Bois’s Vegetable-Shaped Catch Holds More Than Just Some Trinkets
The ceramic cabbage dish she thrifted on a trip to Miami will make you do a double take—just like her work.
Dream Walls
A new collaboration lets you bring Porsche’s iconic paint colors into your home for the first time.
A Wide Range
Save time in the kitchen for the moments that matter with Miele’s simple yet sophisticated appliances.